Chandler real estate can help bring dreams to reality. Chandler lies in the heart of the Valley of the Sun Greater Phoenix area and continues a decade-long trend as one of America’s fastest-growing cities.

chandler real estate

Real estate in Chandler has proven to be a solid investment with dramatic increases in appreciation value.

So, whether you’re a first-time buyer seeking a modest home, a gated community, luxury estates, condos or golf property, Chandler Arizona is a great place to look.

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Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a seasoned investor in the Chandler market, it’s crucial to find the right home loan that gives you stress-free financial flexibility.

Today there are many home loan options with variations that can be geared to your credit and affordability situation. There are even No Down Payment and government – backed programs for qualifying home buyers.


Bringing Dreams To Reality

As your Chandler real estate agent, I encourage you to make fully-informed decisions that will help you find the right mortgage loan package for you.

With that purpose in-mind, our mortgage center provides articles and mortgage calculators that will give you answers to important questions. For your protection, we also encourage you to visit the Fair Lending section of the Hud website.

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Chandler & Area Home Listings

7300 N 70 St. Scottsdale, AZ


10210 E Coopers Hawk Dr Sun Lakes, AZ


10050 E Mtnview Scottsdale, AZ


15731 N 102nd St Scottsdale, AZ


Our Articles

What to look for Property Management Company in Langley

Managing rental property can be a daunting task particularly to an investor with myriad properties to be managed. Landlords experience a lot of challenges in their effort to manage the properties. Some of the problems/ challenges include;

  • Default of payments from delinquent tenants.
  • Tax evasion lawsuits from the government
  • Scams directed to the property owner by some tenants as a result of improper vetting and follow up of new and existing tenants.
  • Increased turnover rate of the tenants from your premises due to late responses to emergencies and repairs.
  • Loss and misplacements of crucial financial documents owing to the large numbers of properties the property owner is managing.

Owing to these apparent challenges, it is not surprising that more and more property owners are opting to call on property management companies to manage the properties on their behalf. Having a reliable property management company in Langley could ease your management burden and reduce your cost of operations significantly. The property management company will be making crucial decisions on your behalf pertaining to your property management. Therefore is prudent to be meticulous in the selection process to ensure that you select the company that delivers the best solutions to your property management challenges. Here is what you consider if you are shopping for a property management company in Langley.

1. Responsibilities and representation

This could be done through examining their management agreement in detail. This agreement should entail the duties or the services rendered by the company. You should only pick a firm that meets all the minimum service requirements needed for a successful rental business they may include, marketing for vacant rooms, maintenance services, management and proper screening and monitoring of tenants within the premises.

2. Evaluate the company’s current work.

Evaluating a company’s current work progress is crucial in order to establish how qualified the firm is to handle and manage your property. New firms with no prior work contracts are not suitable for big clients with vast property investments. In addition, you could interview some of the tenants residing in the rental properties managed by the firm in order to review the policies enforced. More so, whether they meet customer’s satisfaction in matters such as repairs, eviction, and property inspections.

3. Mode of rent collection

A good property management company in Langley should have a simple but efficient and timely mode of rent payment. One of the methods could be the use of online payments which are fast and convenient. Traditional methods of payments such as the use of checks could be slow, time-consuming and give room for delinquents who may use bouncing checks hence thwarting your financial plans. Most importantly, the firm should provide the most suitable channel for money transfer to the property owner.

4. The frequency of property briefings by the management firm.

The property management company should be able to provide you with timely updates on your portfolio such as maintenance, turnover rate and the number of occupied houses.

5. Charges charged for the services delivered.

Getting an exact amount of the money charged for the management services before signing any committing agreement is important; it allows the property owner to verify any additional miscellaneous charges that may accrue.

While selecting a property management company in Langley, you should pick one that is government licensed and have a team of professional managers who will ensure efficiency to managing your property.

Getting the perfect property management companies in Houston

There are many good reasons for hiring a property management company. It could be that you’re living out of the country, and need someone to look after your home while you rent to strangers. Maybe you’re the entrepreneurial type, and own several homes. Taking care of multiple homes can be a painful task for just one person. Constant calls from tenants with complaints, things to fix, overdue rent to collect, eviction notices to serve, and marketing the rental for new tenants. Owning a home can be a headache. Renting out a home can be a migraine. Renting out many homes can be a nightmare! You’re at the right place if you’re interested in getting the perfect property management companies in Houston.

After a month or two losing sleep and hair over the stress of being a landlord, you’re going to start looking for solutions. Yes, it’s possible to hire a resident manager who lives nearby and responds to the issues for you. This doesn’t necessarily remove you from the issue though, it just puts one more cog in the machinery between you and the tenant. The resident manager will still end up calling you for approval, or asking your opinion about issues regarding the property. Notice I said property, because once you start getting multiple properties, you shouldn’t expect one resident manager to be able to handle all the work by themself. The solution to that? Hire multiple property managers! At this point you can consider yourself the boss to many employees and you can expect to take on the myriad problems that comes with that position. This is all assuming that in the best case scenario, you don’t run into one of the most common problems employers face – unreliable employees. You won’t know your resident manager is unreliable at first. Assuming they are doing the job, you’ll go about your day with a smile and a spring in your step. It’s only after the tenant’s problems have gone unchecked, and the leak in the floor has been spreading long enough to cause a collapse, that you’re likely to hear about the issue. Things shouldn’t be so difficult but they often are.

A property management company can help you bypass all these problems, and getting the perfect property management companies in Houston isn’t as hard as you might think. You might be asking yourself how a property management company is any different than hiring a series of resident managers. Property management companies can be vetted. Using your search engine of choice, you can find reviews, addresses, historical information, and past work the property management company in question. You can find lists of previous and current clients to talk with, and see how they like the property management company. Another plus is reliability. You can expect a property management company to keep timely communication with you, and not to let any problems slip through the cracks. Working with a property management company is really the easiest way to achieve peace of mind as a landlord. Let our years of experience, web of connections, and industry insider knowledge help you feel assured that you are getting connected with the right property management companies for you.

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